Events: Fall 2018





ESS Tabling on the Glade Aug. 20th Memorial Glade 8:00AM-11:30PM
3M Infosession
Aug. 28th 348 Hearst Memorial Mining Building 6-8PM
La Val's Pizza Social
Aug. 29th 1834 Euclid 4:30-6:30PM
Aug. 30th Upper Sproul Plaza 3-7 PM
1st GM
Sept. 4th TBD TBD
Faculty-Student Lunch
Sept. 12th TBD TBD
Faculty Dinner with Sujit
Sept. 13th TBD TBD
Big C Hike
Sept. 15th Around Foothill (tentative) TBD
What is IEOR? Workshop
Sept. 18th TBD TBD
Resume Workshop
Sept. 25th TBD TBD
LinkedIn Workshop
Oct. 2nd TBD TBD
2nd GM
Oct. 9th TBD TBD
Trivia Night
Oct. 12th TBD TBD
Faculty-Student Lunch
Oct. 17th TBD TBD
Mentor/Mentee Ice Cream Run
Oct. 26th TBD TBD
3rd GM
Nov. 6th TBD TBD
Faculty-Student Lunch
Nov. 8th TBD TBD
Grad School Panel
Nov. 13th TBD TBD
IISE Thanksgiving
Nov. 15th TBD TBD
The Final Event: Ice Skating Social!
Dec. 6th TBD TBD