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As the UC Berkeley Chapter of the National IISE, we strive to create an inclusive community to further the pursuit of knowledge and personal development

IISE is the global association of productivity and efficiency professionals specializing in industrial engineering, healthcare, ergonomics and other related professions. IISE is where these varied fields come together to advance the engineering profession through networking, training, and knowledge sharing. As a national organization, IISE hosts conferences and provides opportunities for students to engage with graduate researchers, professors, as well as industry professionals.


The officer team spent the past semester restructuring the organization to better fit students' interests. We are planning on having many more events this year. Currently, we are working on providing resources to help you determine what you can do with your undergraduate degree in one of the best majors on campus!


Our Mission


We teach others what Industrial Engineering is about and demonstrate its positive impacts.

Fun Fact


An IEOR degree spans a variety of fields including project managment, supply chain management, manufacturing engineering, operations research, and finance.

Keep in toucH


If you have any questions about IISE, would like to co-host events, or would like us to host Company info-sessions, please reach us at iise@berkeley.edu

IISE Organization

What We Do

Our club is structured in this manner. We have two Co-presidents who oversee the entire organization and 5 Vice Presidents who are in charge of coordinating different programs within the organization.

The Community at IISE