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Sruti Bharat

Sruti Bharat graduated from UC Berkeley in 2012 with an undergraduate degree in IEOR along with a double minor in English and Energy Resources. She currently works as a manager of Venture Programs at All Raise. Sruti grew up in Oakland, eventually moving to Pleasanton with her family. Sruti heavily cherished her time at Berkeley,…

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Professor Daniel Pirutinsky

Although he’s been teaching IEOR courses at Berkeley for half a semester, Professor Daniel (dah-NEE-yell) Pirutinsky has no clue what his office looks like, what campus looks like, or even what Berkeley looks like. Hired in the midst of a global pandemic, Pirutinsky has spent the entirety of his nascent career as an assistant teaching…

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Kaan Gezguc

As a part of our “Monthly Spotlight” series to foster a sense of community in the IEOR/ORMS departments, we had the privilege to interview Kaan Gezguc –a third-year IEOR major from Istanbul, Turkey! Kaan grew up in Istanbul and graduated from the Saint Joseph High School where he simultaneously received education in French, English, and…

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