Faculty Spotlight

Professor Daniel Pirutinsky

Although he’s been teaching IEOR courses at Berkeley for half a semester, Professor Daniel (dah-NEE-yell) Pirutinsky has no clue what his office looks like, what campus looks like, or even what Berkeley looks like. Hired in the midst of a global pandemic, Pirutinsky has spent the entirety of his nascent career as an assistant teaching…

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Professor Anil Aswani

Professor Aswani received his B.S in Electrical Engineering from University of Michigan, in Ann Arbor. For graduate school, he studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science with an emphasis in computational biology and genomics at our very own UC Berkeley. During graduate school, he started working on optimization theory and statistics. His research began to align…

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Professor Zeyu Zheng

Professor Zeyu Zheng is an assistant professor in the IEOR department. He currently teaches IEOR 173, Introduction to Stochastic Processes, and IEOR 174, Simulation for Enterprise-Scale Systems. Professor Zheng grew up in China and studied Mathematics at Peking University. During his time in college, he developed interests in statistics, economics, and operations research, where he…

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